Taking products home for the folks.....

I'm counting down the days til I'm back home in the country and away from the city (1 more week to go)! I LOVE DC...but I relish my semi-annual trips home to Georiga. Mostly cause I get to sleep til noon, have someone cook and clean for me (for free!) and I get to play with the babies...my neice Kelly (4) and my nephew Lance (7). They have this ability to make me forget everything that's going on around me...because they keep me smothered in hugs and kisses! And being the fun auntie that I am...I spend my days home at the zoo, Chuckie Cheese, the park, Toys R Us, and just about any other place the beg me to take them (yeah...I'm such a sucker).

My neice Kelly is natural, and so is my aunt. My younger cousin is also in the process of growing out her hair using braids. I'm even talking my mother into growing out her hair. So with all these natural folks in the making, I want to bring home a bunch of goodies for them to try. Partly because where they live, there is little to no access to good products on the ground...so they would be less likely to order online (even with my suggestions) AND I want them to see the potential in thier hair.

Here is where I need your help.....

So...I need some suggestions for things that would work well for thier hair. What products do you all suggest I take them? I need things that will fit each of the following:

1. unscented and/or not strongly scented for a child (who wears braids and ponytails)...not trying to define curls or anything. [my neice]

2. work well for older women who are experiencing some natural thinning due to age and/or hormonal changes. [my mom and aunt]

3. work well for transitioning hair (light enough for the relaxed ends but hydrating enough for the new growth) [my cousin]

4. any products that would work well for all three?

5. even though my sister is the queen of the relaxers and quick weaves (don't ask...lol) I would like to get her into using better products for her hair. So what natural products are good for relaxed hair (any readers from LHCF?)

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section...and I'll make sure to report back with LOTS of pictures!


NubianCoils said...

I don't know how well this is going to work out but I plan on using shea butter with my kids. You can get the deoterized/refined kind that doesn't smell, but from my experience, unrefined shea butter doesn't smell too strong. Whip it so it's easy for them to use. AND it's cheap!
I can't go into detail explaining to my mom about ingredients and how they're not good for you (like mineral oil, etc.) so I just buy her pomades and she uses them as hair grease cause that's what she understands. Qhemet's amla pomade doesn't smell, I don't think...
For the thinning, I would totally recommend shea butter and/or ayurvedic oils. Like Bhringraj oil. It's super great for thinning and greying. And it doesn't really smell like anything.
The pomade, oil, and shea butter can be used on relaxed, transitioning and natural hair. And it gives them a bit of variety so they can choose which one works best for them. The shea butter can be a moisturizer too. The oil can also seal and is good for the scalp. I HTH!!!

nappy.curly.crown said...

Thanks NubianCoils! I went through my massive product stash and I've taken out somethings that I want them to try. Here's what I've got so far

Shea Butter
Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner
Afro Detangler
Afroveda Shea Amla
Afroveda Totally twisted almond butter

You're right...I was not going to try and explain why minerial oil and "grease" are not good for your hair and scalp...I was just going to tell her that this is "better" grease because it's all natural. I figure the Afro Detangler would be good for my neice, since my sister uses pink lotion right now, and it's very similar.

I'm going to show my sister how to twist my neice's hair using the butters and hopefully I will be able to convience my aunt to let me do her hair as well. She was forced to go natural after MULTIPLE relaxer disasters (I kept telling her that her hair was too fine to the chemicals but some folks just don't listen). Right now, she wears a wig, and I'm trying to get her to let that wig go and just rock a twa or even let me twist it and put it in a cute style and I can show her daughter how to keep it up.

At any rate...thanks for the suggestions!

NubianCoils said...

These sound great! I LOVE Afroveda and Oyin's conditioner, but I didn't want to recommend them cause they smell pretty strong to me...I was trying to think of stuff I liked but that didn't smell too strong - which is hard cause that's the first thing I look for when I purchase something!! :)

And I don't know about your family, but you put a $9 butter or a $12 pomade in my mom's hands when she can go get some DuGrow down the street for $2.99 and she's going to laugh at you. :( So I actually have to buy these for her and have them shipped to her. So if your family is like my mom, keep the costs in mind...

jazzijenni81 said...

Hey girl! I think it's great that you've gotten some of the ladies in your family open to the idea of being natural. I know you feel great!!!

I don't have many suggestions, but I think Africa's Best Kids Organics products would be great for your niece. I use them on my cousins' hair for little girls styles (braids, ponytails etc) and they are great! That whole line of products is easy to find and afforadable, and they actually work well! Another good kids product is Nature's Blessing.

Good luck!

nappy.curly.crown said...

Ok....I have a friend here that uses Nature's Blessing. And I totally forgot about the Africa's Best Kids stuff. I think they might carry that at the ONE BSS that is located in our town...so I'll have to look into that Jazzi! Thanks for the suggestion.

Nubian Coils...my family is kinda funny. If they see the difference and they think that it is a quality product, they will purchase it (or give me the money to get it for them and ship home...lol). If it doesn't work as well as they want or think it should...then no...they aren't going to fall for the hype.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget castor oil for thinning hair! I put a couple drops of rosemary essential oil in mine.

nappy.curly.crown said...

I forgot all about castor oil...and I know they can get that pretty easy! Thanks

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