What to expect over the coming week....

This past week, I know I havn't done a good job of keeping up with the posts and what not, but work has been a BEAST. I was swamped with stuff that just HAD to get done before I take my much needed vacation. Now that I'm sitting in the airport headed to ATL, I wanted to let you all know what to expect from Naps, Kinks, Coils and Curls over the coming week(s).

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Product Reviews: While going through my amazing product stash (yes, sometimes I forget just how much stuff I have...lol) and I realized that I have TONS oof products from lots of companies that I need to write or consolidate into one place (I have reviews that I have written on some of the hair boards). So this week, I plan on taking some time and writing these reviews so that I can begin to post them.

The science of hair: I've been slipping on this one. I've been answering lots of questions related to this on the boards, but I haven't posted squat here. Partly because I don't want to duplicate material that others have posted on thier blogs. I want to keep this place unique, which means I'm trying hard not to do topics that others have done. So I plan to write a few posts in this arena as well.

My Routine: People have emailed me asking me what I use, styles I wear, and all sorts of questions. I'm going to get to answering those questions, hopefully complete with pictures for references.

Ingredient Questions: This is probably the biggest thing I get asked about. I'm a chemist, so I try to answer questions asked of me with documented scientific information about the safe usage, effects, and purpose of certain ingredients used in hair products. I don't like to just repost "internet folklore" about what things can and can't do, and I also don't want to write a thesis complete with atomic structure! So it's a balancing act, one that takes a bit of time to find the peer reviewd journals, read and intrepret, and then write the post. I've got a few in the works, so bear with me.

So please stay tuned to see what I've got in store for you all! Thanks again for the continued support!


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