Back from vacation and ready to get this party started!

Hey ya'll!!!  I'm back from a most relaxing and stress free vaction at my parents house in Georgia and I'm ready to get this joint back popping again!  I won't bore you all with the details of the vacation (I didn't do much more than run a bunch of errands for my mother, sleep, and play with the babies).  Even though I had a BLAST, it feels good to be back home and not be awaken in the middle of the night by little 3 year old feet in your face! *why is it that kids start out in one position and end up in another in thier sleep?*

Whenever I go home, I rarely take products home with me, because my staple style is usually a ponytail or bun.  When the average temperature is 95 with 90% humidity, its pointless to even attempt any kind of "out hair".  So I usually use this time to revisit my drugstore/walmart/target hair products that I abandoned long ago. On this particualr trip, I rediscovered a conditioner, a curl gel, and a leave in.  So stay tuned tomorrow for "Flash Back Friday" where I'll give you all a review of each!

*yawn*  I need to unpack my digital camera so I can show you all pictures of my babies, the twists I did on my neice, my BFF (who's natural!) and a few other folks.  But first, I'm going to finish my nap!



Carlotta said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the pics.

Mavis said...

Welcome back!

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