I know I've been MIA.....

It's been almost a month since I've written a post, and I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you all and this space. I'm in the middle of purchasing a new home, packing, moving dealing with a contractor, work, family, the whole nine yards. To say I'm stressed out is an under statement!!!! I'm so stressed out I can't tell if I'm coming or going, and I'm so feeling the effects. Between meeting with my realtor, contractor, and mortgage broker, I've been ripping and running for the past month and it appears not to be slowing down any time soon. Since I've staying with relatives, I don't have wireless internet connection, so that makes getting on here even more difficult.

Since I'm staying with family, and I'm WAAAAAAY the hell out in Gaithersburg MD, and I'm working in Crystal City, VA so that metro ride in the morning is NO JOKE!!! My commute has gone from 30-45 min to 1hour 1.5 hours on the train. And don't let the red line have delays....I feel like Gillian going on a three hour tour!

Because of the commute, I'm keeping is super simple with my hair. Twists are my only style right now. Partly because I refuse to get up any earlier in the morning just to do my hair, and partly because I'm so stressed out, that I don't have the time, energy, or patience to deal with it right now. I know in one of my "fuck it" moods I'd whip the scissors out and take it back down to a fade in a minute. This way, my hair is done, its out of my way, I'm not overly concerned about how it looks, its neat and a ready to go style that only needs re-doing every 2-3 weeks. Currently, I wear the twists for 1 week, then a twist out for a week, wash deep condition, and repeat. That's basically it.

Now I must say this....I've been using some raw avocado butter on top of the Qhemet Burdock root Butter crème and I don't have to reapply ANYTHING to my hair for a week. When I first started twisting my hair with it, I figured that because it was so thin compared to the Alma and Olive Heavy Crème, that I would have to reapply to the ends of my hair to prevent it from drying out. HA! I was surprised when I realized this past Sunday, that I hadn't touched my hair since the previous Sunday when I twisted it. Just put on my scarf at night and that was it. No spiriting, no sealing the ends, nothing. My hair was just as soft as the day I did it.

Here is what I've been using on my twists lately:

Hairveda Whipped Baggie Crème (leave in)
Avocado Butter (to seal in leave in)
Qhemet Burdock root Butter crème (twisting agent)

That's all for this update, and I'm going to try to do better about my updates. Thanks ladies!


Jazzi said...

Miss you girl!

nappy.curly.crown said...

Thanks Jazzi...I've missed u guys too!

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