Reader Product Review: Afro Detangler

Yesterday, I posted my review of Afro Detangler. Here is reader Margaret G., who is a long term transitioner who was kind enough to send me her review of the product as well as some pictures of her hair bunned using afro detangler. If you need a review of the product basics, check out this link.

Margaret G.: Afro Detangler does what it indicates it will do, detangles and moisturizes. This product detangles well and left my hair soft and moisturized for days. It is thick and somewhat medium to heavy lotion type consistency, however my hair thrives with that type of product. I believe it will be wonderful for year round use because there is no glycerine in the product. The picture is from the day after a wash. It is truly worth the purchase.

I must say, I wasn't able to transistion for an extended period of time, so I'm always excited to see ladies that are able to keep both the relaxed and new growth hair healthy and looking nice!  Transistioners and even relaxed ladies, this looks like a product that might be worth checking out!


natty said...

I really want to try this but I'm so impatient when it comes to mail order products-and 50 is a lot to TRY anything! I hope she takes you up on making a trial size some day. said...

from what i've been told, she does infact have a 16oz size available for sale to the US on the website. I'm going to repurchase the 16oz size this winter!

KCurly said...

I'm going to try and place an order for this tonight when I get home from work. I tried to hold out but I am weak!

Jeanine said...

The afro detangler is great and smells wonderful- a nice clean scent. Try it, also it lasts a LONG time, better than running to the hair store every month

K.D. said...

I love that rose! Lady you have some thick beautiful hair.

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