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A few months ago, a few ladies on and I got together, pooled our resources and purchased a bottle of Afro Detangler to split four ways. Now many of you who may not familiar with this product might be wondering why it took four people to purchase one product. That’s because it comes in a huge 64oz (1/2 gallon) jug! That’s great for folks that know and love the product, but not so much when you just want to try it out and see if you will like it. Who wants to have ½ of a product that you might HATE? *if the manufacture of this product is reading….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this in a smaller container or offer a “trial size”!

Any who, I’ve been dragging my feet on posting these reviews, so today I’m going to post 3 reviews of the product…two fellow readers and mine. So before I get into the reviews, let’s go over the basics of the product.

PRODUCT DETAILS: For afro/natural textured hair. For those growing their natural hair-- who desire no chemicals and want strength shine and manageability, this is the product! Afro Detangler penetrates the hair shaft reconstructs, strengthens, softens, conditions, and balances the pH in your strands. There is no oily build up. The comb will glide through your hair. Stops hair breakage to practically none. Use on dry or damp hair. A leave-in conditioner. An all natural product! No Chemicals! No Parabens!

INGREDIENTS: water, avocado/mango/shea butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, lecithin, green tea extract, orange extract, CitroZine™ (Organic) as a preservtive, natural fragrance.

COST: 64oz Jug retails for $49, plus flat rate shipping

MY REVIEW: The best way to describe this product is it reminds me of a natural Luster’s pink oil moisturizer! It has the same consistency as Luster’s, and is even pink!

I have used Afro Detangler in a few different ways:
1. Leave in conditioner for twists
2. Moisturizer for dry hair (twists, puffs, buns)
3. Detangler on damp/dry hair

I have to admit, that it makes a GREAT moisturizer for dry hair. It softens the hair, making it easier to brush/comb/smooth into a bun or puff, but it doesn’t make the hair greasy like some dry hair moisturizers tend to. It imparts a nice shine/sheen, and absorbs really well into the hair.

As a leave in, it’s a great primer step for twists and other protective styles. For my uber dry hair, I usually use it as a leave in only during milder weather, and use a heavier product in colder weather. Those of you in more temperate climates should have no problems using this product year round!

I think this product is EXCELLENT for kids’ hair that is usually in low maintenance styles like braids and pig tails. When I was home recently, I took an 8oz bottle home for my sister to use on my niece, and she really liked it. She said that it worked really well for restyling ponytails in the am before going to daycare, and she’s already asking me to send her some more. I sent the link to the website instead…lol).

Over all, I give this product 4 stars. It’s really a 5 star product, but the huge size of it turns me off. Where the hell am I suppose to store a ½ jug of product? I love this product, but I don’t love it enough to justify using a ½ gallon jug of the stuff!


Suburbanbushbabe said...

One thing I have found Afro Detangler to be really good at is recurling dry frizzy ends on a twist out or 2nd or 3rd day wash and goes. After I undo my twist and fluff it, the hair ends around my face can get frizzed. Smooth a drop of Afro Detangler on the ends and "got curl?"

LL82 said...

WHAT?!?!?!? Have they changed the formula? It was green when I got it, and nothing like Pink Oil. My hair HATES Pink Oil, and Afro Detangler was actually pretty great on my hair.

Well, not that I buy it anymore now anyway. But that kinda makes me sad. =( I'm glad it worked well for you... said...

@ LL: I don't think she changed the formula, but it is not a pink color. The first time I tried it it was white, so i'm assuming she added a coloring agent. It performs the exact same as the original formula though so no fear!

@SBB: yes! that's exactly what I's great on dry styles that you don't want to spray with water but still need the moisture to revive!

Anonymous said...

It now comes in 16oz.

Kcurly said...

For some reason I always thought this had a cone in it. That was my main deterrent in buying it. Thanks for the review. said...

Nope...its cone free, and now that she has a 16oz size for sale, you should check it out!

SA said...

Yet another product to try...

Anonymous said...

I love AfroDetangler! A 1/2 gallon can last a whole year! Mine is yellowish color. It does not remind me of Pink Oil Lotion at all.

Anonymous said...

Did you find it really sealed your ends after using it for a while? And I'm always confused that is says as an ingredient avocado/mango/shea butter. Doesn' the / mean or? Or are all these ingredients in there?

Anonymous said...

At first I brought the 16oz bottle to try it out. I loved it so much, I eventually brought the jug. I love this stuff. My hair is a natural 4a/4b type. When I put this stuff in my dry hair, it literally springs into beautiful curls. I highly recommend this product to anyone.
I used this product in my god-daughter's hair. Which is EXTREMELY dry. Her mother has always had a problem finding a good product that will keep her daughter's hair moisturized. I used this the Afro Detangler on her hair. Her hair soaked it up and replenished it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

Anonymous said...

Naps, Kinks, Coils and Curls...what do you use as a leave-in during colder weather? I noticed you pointed out that you use this product, Afro Detangler, "as a leave-in only during milder weather". Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to "growafrohairlong afro detangler". Did the company shut down :(

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Anonymous said...

The site is no longer active. I was just looking for it myself because I loved the product when I was using it before when I first went natural in 2008. I think it has a different name now because what I found has the same ingredients and it's the same price and sizes as the afro detangler. If so, it's now called Swirlzs the Original Afro Detangler. The website is

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