Another Black Hair Documentary

I'm not sure if any of you have seen this documentary on Youtube about the control of the black/ethnic beauty supply business (store ownership) being controled by mostly Korean shop owners.  I remember when this was discussed a while back on the hair boards (, and Happycurls) there was a LONG debate about this.  There are five videos in the series, here is part one.

Thoughts? Comments?


pixie said...

I'm curious as to why Aron decided to look into this topic.
I'm grateful he did, but what sparked his interest? said...

Pixie, I'm curious about this as well. Aaron, if your out there, hit me up...I'd love to pick your brain for a bit!

Erica said...

Thanks for this post. I watched the whole series and updates on youtube -- really interesting! said...

yes it is. It's made me a lot more attentive to the places where I spend my hard earned money. I'm right outside Washingtond DC, and in my neighborhood, there are 4 beauty supply stores, all owned by Asians, but they hire either Dominican or African employees to work the floor. I did find a smaller beauty supply store on New York Ave. in DC that is black owned. Thier prices are a bit higher (not too much) but I'd rather spend my money there.

BrownSugakc said...

I do the same thing where I am located in Kansas City. Most people here do not understand why I search high and low for a black owned hair salon. I am trying to support my own race of people.

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