We Don' t Do Length Checks.....But if we did....

Ha! I love me some Tom Joyner! And of course his "we don't do shout outs" segment is where the title of today's post come's from. I don't do length checks...for a variety of reasons. I'm not hung up on long hair per say, although it does give some styling advantages, but it has its draw backs. The hair I've got sucks up products like nobody's business and most importantly...ALL THIS HAIR IS HOT IN THE SUMMER TIME!!!!!

So while I don't do length checks, I do take lots of pictures of my hair and I was looking at some pictures and even though my hair sometimes appears to not have gained a lot of length...man oh man can I still see the growth. Check out these puff comparison shots. The first two were taken in 2007 (disregard the date stamp..lol) and July 2009 (taken this past weekend before my trip to get a much need trim!)

Spring 2007

July 2009

Now...here are the major differences that I can tell in these pictures:

1. The puff is def. bigger...no question about it!
2. The first puff was placed in the center of my head (Spring 2007) the more recent puff is actually sitting at the NAPE of my head…now that's a big ole puff!
3. First puff (Spr 2007) is pulled nice and tight with the extra slick back action...the recent puff was just smoothed back with my hands…no brush...no slick back...just loosely gathered.
4. First pictures are on picked out hair....recent pictures are on hair with shrinkage galore!

This just goes to show you...you don't have to be obsessive about length in order to get it!


KurlyQue said...

IA I try not to be obsessive about length. My thing is when I was relaxed my hair seemed to be always the same length since my BC I haven't had that problem so I like to do length checks sporadically so I can pat myself on the back. So many are so caught up on length that their constantly blow drying their hair and looking for their next curl loosing method...not I hehehehe

G said...

Now that is a big ole puff. You can definitely see the growth.

Fleurzty said...

Love both sets of puffs. Your hair has definitely grown a lot.

Suburbanbushbabe said...

Hell yeah your hair has grown! That's a monster puff.

jazzijenni81 said...

Great progress girl! and that puff looks luscious!

Aeddy Scots said...

OMG I just looked at your second puff and actually smiled. Looking at your hair made my day. So pretty

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